Monday, October 24, 2011

Superheroes In Action!

This week at St. Mary’s our theme was superheroes. I wore a batman shirt and my group members wore capes and had superhero shirts on as well. During my game I decided to incorporate visual aids of each superhero which really seemed to help the students. I also brought in stickers of these superheroes and gave the students them every time their group "won". I rotated who won so all groups had equal amount of wins and stickers. Every week I feel like I am making a stronger connection with the students individually. I can’t wait until our Halloween theme next week!
Here's what I observed in lab 3B

Monday, October 3, 2011

Western Style at St.Mary's!

After lab1 I was very excited to go back to St. Mary's and to see all the students again and to get more involved in the games and to lead some of the activities. Last week when we went back many of the kids remembered us and gravitated towards me by the end of the lab. I was having some what of a dance party with a small group of girls, which quickly grew into a large group. I was in the special projects group and at the end when we did the song cotton eyed joe, Abbey, one of the students, had no idea how to do the dance, by the end of the song I was very happy to see that not only me, but her classmates worked with her and taught her how to do the dance correctly. The girls worked very well together and seemed to be very close friends, they danced together, knew when each others parents were coming, and if one left a game then the others would quickly follow. For our closing game I think it went well, especially for the first time leading here at St. Marys. Our goal was to keep it simple for the kids and something that would enjoy and didn't need to think about too much, and still kept busy and practiced running, hopping, and galloping. Both the boys and girls seemed to enjoy the game, song, and cheer at the end of their day. I am definitely looking forward to the next time we go back to St. Marys!

Here is what I observed in Lab 2