Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assignment Number One Summary ch.1-3

          In middle school I had a physical education teacher who taught with the "throw the balls out and let them play" mentality. This type of teaching angered me because it didn't teach us kids about any fundamental or basic learning skills to better our health and activity level. As I get closer to becoming a PE teacher myself, I feel that it is my responsibility that I ensure a positive, fun, and affective learning style and develop fundamental skills at a early age. These skills not only will benefit the child at their current age level, but will also stay with them throughout their life and they can use those skills to pass down to their children and others as well. Our job as physical educators is to help all children make adaptive changes towards their motor control and movements. These things can be done through appropriate activities for their age and current skill level and also will benefit the child’s affective and cognitive development. The motor domain deals with movement (locomotion, manipulation, and stability) and health-related fitness. The cognitive domain deals with progressive change in the ability to think, reason, and act to a new movement setting. affective domain is the ability to act, interact, and react effectively and appropriately with others and self in movement situation. Each student is different and these concepts may vary for every child. There is no blueprint on how to each every single child, but it is important that we take the time to assess each child in their skill development and to take note of how that child learns and then to enforce each aspect to each child in a classroom setting and to teach the kids how to use their motor skills correctly and efficiently. Fundamental skills are extremely important to succeed in a lifetime of good health.
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity's mission is to unite the strengths of all private and public industry's to inspire and empower all Americans to lead more physically active lifestyles.

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